The top reasons to never read ‘the top reasons to switch to VoIP’ articles

Posted on May 17, 2013 by

1. It’s a waste of time – Fact; you already know the top reasons to switch to VoIP. Cost savings. Process efficiency. You shouldn’t need any more reasons than that. If that’s not enough, no article written by the marketing intern at some obscure VoIP provider’s PR firm is going to teach you anything new.

It’s not why, it’s how. Switching your business phone system to VoIP is a no brainer. But it’s worth investing your time into finding the right platform before diving in. Invest your time reading articles that educate you about what to look for beyond the obvious savings and efficiencies, and how to know what’s right for you. There are many fish in the VoIP sea, the wrong one is bound to leave a bad taste in your mouth and a bigger bite out of your wallet than dating triplets.