Award-winning SIP trunking support

Posted on March 10, 2015

Its happened again!

We’re very proud and excited to announce that our Support Engineers won a Silver Stevie Award in the Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year category for the second year in a row. The Stevie Awards, the premier business awards competitions, recognize the top organizations worldwide for Customer Service in each industry. More than 1,900 nominations from organizations of all sizes were evaluated in this year’s competition, and in a market as competitive as IP voice delivery, we’re ecstatic that our team is considered among the top of that list.

silver stevie 2015

This year’s Stevie Award winners are the highest rated in the history of the awards, and we congratulate all of the winners on their commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Michael Gallagher, president and founder of the Stevie Awards.

Flowroute was commended for its commitment to supporting customer success. When phone service isn’t working as it should, business slows to a snail’s pace. We often hear horror stories of slow response times, finger-pointing, poor communication around service issues, and a complete lack of accountability from other providers. But we know your business is too important to risk repeated communications issues.

Flowroute was particularly commended for several programs our support team developed to reduce both first response and full resolution times, as well as to proactively notify customers whose systems are subject to fraud risk.

  1. Full resolution time: By developing a training program that focused on troubleshooting skills such as building logic trees and symptom grouping, and proactively contacting customers for required information, our team reduced our average full resolution time by 58%.
  2. First response time: By streamlining our ticket resolution process our team created more time available to answer new tickets, and now customers hear back from us 53% more quickly than they did a year ago… and we thought it was fast then.
  3. Number porting automation: Working with our development team, our front-line reps designed many online and workflow tools to automate the tremendously nuanced number-porting process. Since implementing these improvements, we’ve reduced our average processing time from seven days to one. And they aren’t done, yet. Flowroute is close to being the first carrier to completely automate number porting for our customers.
  4. Proactive protection: Our front-end support team now proactively identifies customers using IP PBX systems with known vulnerabilities and notifies them of the risk and required patch protocol. As a result, only 1.5% of potentially vulnerable customers suffered any fraud damage.

Thanks to the efforts of our front-line support team, 96% of customers are satisfied with their support experience, and better yet, more than 97% of customers stay with Flowroute year over year.

Our team’s successful achievement of their dedication to the success of Flowroute customers can be summed up in this quote from one happy Flowroute fan:

“I need to know that when service isn’t available there are people standing behind it that can fix it efficiently and correctly. Flowroute has proven that that’s exactly what they will do. Flowroute deserves to be rewarded for the service they provide.”

Congrats to the whole team!