Communications APIs & the Cloud

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Andrea Mocherman

According to recent IDG Enterprise survey of IT buyers, by the end of 2016 over half of all business IT environments will be hosted in the cloud. The migration of telecom services to the cloud is projected to outpace every other industry over the next three years. This explosive growth rate of cloud-based telecom services is driven by the rise of Communications APIs and SDKs.

Communications in the cloud

These communications tools are enabling innovative calling and messaging solutions to be built into applications and services in ways we have never seen before. By providing developers deep access to advanced telecom resources such as customized routing, phone number proxying and DID management, antiquated and highly regulated infrastructures are no longer limiting how we choose to integrate communications capabilities. If you haven’t already, now is the time to evaluate how your company or service can be a part of the innovative force lead by Communications APIs in the cloud.

Simplifying Communications through APIs

Until recently, telecommunications resources have remained cumbersome for businesses to customize because of complex regulations. IP telecommunications began opening doors for business communications solutions decades ago. Today Communications APIs are again revolutionizing the way that innovative businesses can build with calling and messaging capabilities. Through APIs developers and enterprises alike can integrate high-quality communications experiences into existing and new to marketing products and services. The capabilities don’t end there, with this new breed of telecom resources you can easily purchase numbers, change routing information and scale your business on demand. This allows for applications that are completely web based to be built and easily managed, decreasing the initial investment in hardware and labor costs previously necessary when designing a communications solutions.

Flowroute makes it easy

The Flowroute API in combination with a hosted PBX (such as Asterisk or FreeSWITCH) makes it easy to move your entire communications solution to the cloud. Whether you are looking to build out your own platform for sending and receiving calls and messages or you want to add SMS and voice capabilities to an application or service, Flowroute is a solution. By removing the need for your team to manually engage with the onboarding of new users or the provisioning of new capabilities for current users the process of enabling advanced telecom resources has become more efficient and affordable.

The cloud is opening doors for businesses to more efficiently and creatively problem solve. The Flowroute Communications APIs are one tool of many that will enable the rapid growth of companies who are using cloud-based tools to build innovative solutions.