Enterprise Connect 2017: Transforming business with cloud communications

Posted on April 6, 2017 by Andrea Mocherman

That’s a wrap on Enterprise Connect 2017! This year’s event signaled the continued transformation of enterprise collaboration tools and communications to the cloud. With the focus less on how to deploy, and more on how to unify communications to drive a superior user experience.

Collaboration in the Cloud

While video was predicted to lead the conference calling and collaboration industry, voice has been the real star. With many individuals dialing into conference calls on the go, or are just not excited about seeing themselves on screen during a meeting, the voice aspect of collaboration solutions is where the focus is directed. The ability for participants to seamlessly call in from desk phones, mobile phones or their computers with equally high-quality connections is even more important when you have 10 people on a call than when you have just one. Companies like LoopUp are selling remote meeting products without any video capabilities, betting on the desire for high-quality voice connections and ease of screen sharing over video visuals.

Making Messaging Easy

Enterprise Connect 2017 proved that those who aren’t using SMS want to be. Consumers prefer SMS for timely and important notifications, and businesses are finally catching on. While text messaging will not replace voice 58% of consumers view companies that offer SMS more favorably, making it a channel that can’t be ignored. The biggest requirement facing SMS providers is making messaging easy to integrate and low stakes to test out. Today, most communication providers are looking to test the waters, but not necessarily dive in head first.

Pain-free Onboarding

In a recent post, No Jitter noted that Enterprise Connect 2017 had an emphasis on enhancing the user experience. As anyone who has purchased a product knows, a best in class users experience begins with a positive customer onboarding process.

At the event, Flowroute launched our new Customer Onboarding Platform, which offers a programmatic, transparent and easy way to manage the onboarding process via an API or online portal. The platform guides end customers through a step-by-step migration process, highlighting potential issues early and helping to avoid common pitfalls, which ultimately results in faster port order completion rates.

You can see a sneak peak of the platform capabilities here:

Flowroute Onboarding Platform (Beta)

Take a sneak peak at our new Onboarding Platform, currently in beta, designed to enable complete control and transparency throughout the customer onboarding process.

Posted by Flowroute on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Interested in beta testing the new Onboarding Platform? Let’s talk!

The Future of Enterprise Communications

Presentations and conversations at the show highlighted the overall need for complete control and transparency over communications services, whether that is with voice, messaging or video. While last year’s event had a strong focus on communications platform as a service (CPaaS), this year we saw attendee focus shift towards access and control over advanced capabilities, with less of a preference for SaaS vs CPaaS.

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