Changing Communications Providers Shouldn’t be Painful

Posted on May 18, 2017 by

The thought of switching communications providers fills many people with dread. A new system to configure? Porting all your existing phone numbers? No thank you.

Those sentiments may have been barriers at one point in time, but today, with innovative hybrid-carriers (software companies who happen to be carriers) leading the way, there is nothing to be afraid of. Take it from our customers, who have migrated their communications over to us with no downtime and no sleepless nights.


  • Gogo faced a bandwidth issue that was stalling their growth. With the demand from inbound calls at a maximum, there was little room left to place outbound calls. They had two options to solve the issue: purchase enough lines for peak traffic or find a scalable solution that wouldn’t take months to install. The answer was easy, Gogo utilized Flowroute’s calling capabilities with an Asterisk PBX to quickly create a scalable, high-quality solution to solve their problem. The flexibility that Flowroute offered and the telecom expertise of the Flowroute support engineers allowed Gogo to get up and running in minutes. Read the Case Study.
  • The concept for FastCustomer was developed by two web developers who were tired of wasting time on hold. Their app waits on hold for you, then prompts the representative to “press 1” to call you back. The app worked great, the only problem was as popularity skyrocketed so did the companies telecom bill. FastCustomer needed a voice solution that would enable them to scale their business and still make a profit. With a little work on their side, the FastCustomer creators built a platform using FreeSWITCH and then seamlessly integrated Flowroute’s voice service to complete the solution. Read the Case Study.
  • With over 60 travel agencies around the USA, the cost and reliability of Centravel’s communications service is key to their success. When costs started rapidly rising with their existing carrier, they knew it was time to start looking for a new provider. Centravel quickly set up Flowroute service in their corporate office and a handful of remote offices to test the quality and reliability, along with improvements in these areas they immediately saw a savings of 70 – 80% from their previous provider. After a few weeks of testing to ensure Flowroute was the right provider for them, Centravel was confident that Flowroute’s high quality, cost effective service would easily scale across their entire organization. Read the Case Study.


Don’t let the fear switch providers stand in the way of the flexibility and cost savings your company deserves. With the right provider, making a move to a new breed of carrier that better meets your needs will be a simple, pain-free process.