3 Tips for Better Customer Engagement

Posted on June 8, 2017 by

The way in which customers consume communications to engage with brands has drastically changed over the last few years. Now more than ever businesses are seeing the strategic impact that calling and messaging is having on the overall customer journey and customer experience.

You’re probably wondering how exactly can this be done? I bet you didn’t know that right now, in your Flowroute account, you have a powerful engagement tool waiting to be utilized. That’s right, your business phone numbers. Many small businesses don’t realize the value these numbers have beyond placing inbound and outbound calls. When utilized in the right ways these numbers can enable customers and future customers to reach you on their preferred channel at the exact time that they need your assistance.  Check out three easy ways to improve the ways you are engaging with your customers:

  • Click to Call
    • You want to make is easy for potential new customers to find you, enabling click to call capabilities across the internet can help. One of the places you can do this is a Business Profile on popular search engines, this guide gives you the tools to set up your Profile on Google. This will ensure that whoever is looking for you will know your hours, where to find you and how to contact you with one quick search. To extend the benefits of seamless calling to all your customers you can also easily enable click to call capabilities on your own website. By eliminating any barrier to getting in touch you are greatly increasing the chances that leads will become customers and not move on to a competitor.
  • SMS Engagement
    • Text messaging is a tool that can set your business apart from your competitors. Studies have shown that consumers prefer text messages for time-sensitive notifications and recurring business notifications. Whether sending reminders that a payment is due, or an alert that their account might have been compromised, keeping customers up to date makes you an indispensable partner in their business. While the real value of this service is for existing customers, consumers view businesses who offer SMS and a channel of communications 58% more positively than companies that don’t offer it as a channel. By text enabling your existing business line, your brand presence is carried across all channels you use for customer communication. In the Flowroute Developer Portal, you can find an easy to use guide for text enabling your existing phone numbers.
  • Understand who is calling
    • There are two elements to successfully taking advantage of call data. The first is how you present your company through caller information. The use of descriptive CNAM information can help your employees have more success connecting with customers by increasing their call to answer ratio. By including your company name in your CNAM, and ensuring that it displays correctly, you enable customers to recognize who is calling. This greatly increases answer rates and creates an easier, more positive customer experience. Without a descriptive CNAM most people will not answer your call and will miss crucial information. The second element of this feature is for your team. The data that is pulled in with each call can be instrumental in understanding who is calling and how you can best help.

By implementing these tips you can easily set your company up for success, no matter what your communication goals are.