How to Keep it Simple With SIP

Posted on June 23, 2017 by

There are many things in life that can’t be simplified, dealing with insurance agencies, going through security at the airport or a trip to the DMV to name a few. However, migrating your voice service from a legacy system to a hosted solution that utilizes SIP trunking is one thing that should always make your life simpler.

Let’ start with the basics, what is SIP Trunking you ask? SIP Trunking at a very high level is a VoIP connection between your PBX (a private domain) and your telephone provider (a public domain). Sounds simple enough, however, the benefits businesses see when implementing this technology go on and on. From cost savings and easy scaling to increased security and reliability, it is hard to pin down one reason SIP Trunking is the right solution for businesses looking to grow.

With innovative SIP-based carriers leading the way, managing communications services is getting easier than ever. However, as with any technology, not all communications providers are created equal. When deciding to make the switch to SIP understanding the features and benefits of your provider is key to ensuring a successful migration, and making your job easier. If you haven’t already seen your work life improved through migrating to SIP, take a spin through these five features that you might be missing out on:


1. Flexibility

Seasonality is a common issue in the telecom industry, with elections, school calendars, fundraisers and more, your business likely sees traffic ebb and flow throughout the year. Don’t get stuck paying for more capacity than you use with a legacy carrier, a provider who can scale up and down with the patterns of your traffic will ensure that you never have to decide between maxing out your call capacity or your budget.

2. Failover Protection

Unfortunately, crises can hit at any point in time. Working with a provider that gives you the ability to establish failover routes for every number will give you and your customers the confidence that if an issue arises they will be protected. Innovative technologies like the HyperNetwork™ take that ability to new levels.

3. Manage from Anywhere

With cloud-based services, you can manage and make changes at any time, from anywhere. This gives you the ability to route calls, add customers, purchase numbers and change fraud controls all on your own schedule. Gone are the days of having engineers tethered to a server room to ensure that service affecting issues don’t arise.

4. Seamless Onboarding

Spreadsheets full of porting information is not a scalable way to onboard new customers. A good SIP provider will not only have a team of experts to take the weight of this process off your shoulders, but they will give you the tools to automate this process. Through automation, the stress of playing the middleman between customers and your provider will be lifted.

5. Unified Voice & Messaging

Despite the checks and balances now built into every service network, occasionally issues still arise. A provider that can offer both voice and messaging capabilities through one account makes the solution to any issue one call away. With assistance from Support Engineers who have visibility into every part of your communications solution, you have an expert partner in problem-solving.


With these tools, SIP trunking can reduce the stress and complexities of your job, leaving more time for the parts of your job you love. Simplicity also opens the door for scalable and repeatable processes, a key element of scaling your business. Talk to our SIP experts to learn more about the ways you can simplify your SIP solution.