Multi–carrier redundancy from a single Sip trunking provider

Posted on August 9, 2017 by Andrea Mocherman

Flowroute is a unique entity in the UC solar system. Flowroute is a carrier and a software company, at the same time. That interesting mix places them at a most unique space, especially as we move to the cloud. In this podcast, we learn about Flowroute HyperNetwork. Flowroute’s patented HyperNetwork unifies the largest telecommunications and IP networks to create an optimal network that maximizes call quality, reliability, and modern control.

Unlike a reseller aggregating coverage across other carrier networks, Flowroute’s HyperNetwork meshes disparate physical networks into a single telecom network with superior coverage, reliability, resiliency, and direct provisioning/porting. The HyperNetwork improves uptime and enables industry unique capabilities, like Adaptive Inbound Routing that moves the path of calls to entirely different physical networks in the event of quality degradation or network congestion.

In this podcast, Dave Rich, Vice President of Products, outlines at length the HyperNetwork, and how it can help with many scenarios facing Telecom Reseller readers.