TADHack-mini: Where Telecom is the Bell of the Ball

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Andrea Mocherman

The value of telecom has flourished over the last several years becoming increasingly important for developers to add customer experiences such as calling and messaging into their apps. That is why we are excited to be one of the premier sponsors of TADHack for the 3rd year in a row giving developers programmable voice and messaging capabilities to build communication experiences within their applications with our APIs/SDKs.

At past hackathons, we have seen developers integrate Flowroute into dating apps to deliver anonymous calling, trigger a text message through a mental health app if a person deviates from their typical behavior, and we’ve even had a developer hook up Flowroute to a flow meter to track and report out water usage. All amazing and creative ways to implement voice and messaging into the user experience. We’re especially excited to see what the TADHack community will come up with, considering communications are the cornerstone of all the projects.

Why Flowroute?

Aside from being awesome, Flowroute gives developers the easiest way to integrate calling and messaging (SMS & MMS) into their applications or services via an API. Plus, we have created a number of helper libraries to lay the foundation of your project, regardless of whether you are using Python, Ruby, PHP, Nodejs, and .NET, we’ve got your back.

Learn more about the Flowroute APIs at the developer center where you will find documentation, APIs, and helper libraries.

Available resources


Use Cases

See what other developers have built using Flowroute’s calling and messaging APIs

How to get started with Flowroute?

Save time by setting up your Flowroute account prior to the event in 2 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account here
  2. Email your tech prefix to support@flowroute.com
    • Mention you are participating at TADHack and we’ll add $10 credit to your account.

During the event, we will have people on-site to answer your questions and talk through specific use cases. If you have more technical questions, you can chat with our support team in the Flowroute Manage Portal.

For those developer’s who can’t make it to Orlando to participate in person, we encourage you to submit your projects virtually. Winners and runners-up will get to present their projects at Enterprise Connect for even more exposure.