Brainstorming project ideas for TADHack

Posted on February 23, 2018 by Andrea Mocherman

TADHack-Mini is happening March 10-11 in Orlando. This hackathon is unique in comparison to the other events out there because of its focus on solving universal communication challenges through the use of Telecom APIs.

Through APIs, developers can add programmable voice, calling, messaging (SMS and MMS), faxing, secure communications and authentication, decentralized communications, mobile payments, and much much more through easy to use APIs/SDKs. Programmable Telecoms is everything to do with communications between people and things that can be controlled by software on your phone/laptop, in the cloud, or in your business.

To help spark your creativity we pulled together a few project ideas from the Flowroute team:

  • Messaging and customer support
    • We’ve all been stuck in the support queue waiting for the next available agent. Instead of fielding each question individually, SMS triggers can be put in place that automates replies to the most common questions. Doing so not only delights customers but also reduces the burden on the support staff.
  • Add security to IoT (Internet of Things)
    • The ability to purchase an item from Amazon with Alexa has opened up a whole new world of convenience. Completing your grocery shopping from the couch without ever opening a computer. For example, once an order is placed through your Echo or Google Home, the device will call or text your predefined number with a one-time code that you then say out loud to authorize the purchase. This not only verifies that you intended to make the purchase but also ensures that you will be alerted if someone else is attempting to make a fraudulent purchase.
  • Home security camera and MMS
    • Whether you are home or not, an unexpected visitor at the door can cause alarm. By integrating a communications API with a security camera you can program the motion activated camera to MMS you a picture of your front door or the monitored area when the motion sensors are activated. The app can also be designed to take action based on your reply. No response means take no action, texting “5” will have the app alert you in 5 minutes if the visitor is still there, and texting “Security” will immediately activate your home’s security system.
  • Raspberry Pi & Water Sensors
    • No one likes having a dishwasher full of dirty dishes, only to realize that there is not a drop of dish soap left in the bottle. With two simple tools, a Raspberry Pi and a flowmeter, this problem is easily solved. By hooking up the two devices, you can measure how much water is coming through the valve, and based off of a calculation of how much water and dish soap you use per load the device will alert you when you are running low. The device can also be programmed to text you an alert, call your phone or integrate directly with your Amazon Echo shopping list.
  • Delivery and service requests & messaging
    • We’re all too familiar with the dreaded 4-hour window when it comes to a delivery or waiting for your cable provider. By setting up text messages with updated ETA’s on arrival will reduce customer frustration and makes it easy for everyone involved.

There are endless ways in which you can integrate calling and messaging into your applications and services. To get a little more inspiration, check out past hack projects that incorporate Flowroute into the communications experience here.

Check out Flowroute’s developer center to gain access to our documentation, APIs/SDKs, quickstarts, and articles.

You can get up and running on Flowroute in two quick steps:

  1. Sign up for an account here
  2. Email your tech prefix to
    • Mention you are participating at TADHack and we’ll provide you access to the API and add $10 credit to your account.

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