What happens at TADHack, does not stay at TADHack

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Andrea Mocherman

For the third year in a row, Flowroute was a co-sponsor of TADHack-mini at Valencia College in Orlando, where developers focused on how to integrate Telecom APIs into their projects to deliver unique communications experiences.

The Flowroute team was on-site to help teams brainstorm their projects and how they could use our APIs to achieve the user experiences they wanted to deliver – whether that was through voice or messaging. We had teams creating notification services, a rock, paper, scissors game, and an appointment service. But there were two standouts at the event using our Messaging APIs.

Innovation in action

Ciphertext is a mobile application platform for shared and controlled access to your smart home devices. The mobile app allows you to share access to a smart-lock enabled door via an SMS text message or an MMS delivered QR code. You can also enable the system to recognize your face upon approval and unlock the door. If an intruder attempts to break into the system, you will receive an MMS notification with a photo of the intruder. Through the mobile app, you can also manage and control other smart home devices with friends and guests.

Check out the Ciphertext presentation at TADHack

Ghosted touches on a current issue facing many adults today, dating. Most people want to find love and meet their soulmate, but sometimes, you find some undesirable people who become too attached. Most dating apps have one pitfall, the inability to anonymously communicate with other dating prospects. Ghosted brings forth anonymity to protect users, but allows a full-scale system to communicate via SMS, MMS, and voice calls, without letting the other user gaining access to the others phone number.

Check out the Ghosted presentation at TADHack

Both projects were very cool and the teams put a ton of hard work and energy into making them a reality within a 24 hour period. Congratulations to everyone who came out and participated. We were amazed to see how communications are being implemented into so many different types of use cases.

APIs are driving communication experiences

Providing API access to calling and messaging services are driving the next wave of innovation in telecommunications. Seeing it first hand at TADHack-mini Orlando was very gratifying and provided a great forum to see first hand how devs are using Telecom APIs to deliver creative communication experiences.

If you are interested in the Flowroute API, you can get more information on our developer portal, where you’ll also find reference docs, example code, and our API explorer.