98 Percent of Enterprise Servers are On-Premises, Flowroute senior management say migration isn’t difficult

Posted on November 15, 2019

This article is condensed and originally appeared in UC Today

According to a 2018 Spiceworks survey, 98 percent of enterprises still use on-premises servers. The survey, which featured over 1000 IT professionals in North America and Europe hints at something big in the move toward migration. We’ve still got some evangelizing to do. There are countless cloud champions within organizations of all sizes, fighting to help bring their enterprises into the digital age.

One could then conclude there’s a correlation between the low number of enterprise leaders who have yet to migrate to the cloud and the perceived complexity surrounding the act.

Some Perspective on Cloud Migration

Flowroutes’s Senior Director of Product Management Sascha Mehlhase says the migration process of moving enterprise communications services to the cloud isn’t complex. He argues, there is a ‘perceived complexity.’ And I, for one, agree. Mehlhase says the perceived difficulty surrounding migrating voice and messaging services to the cloud is halting many businesses’ automation efforts.

“As enterprises move from cloud-first strategies to cloud-only, enterprises still hesitate to take a pivotal leap into the pool of cloud telephony”

Mehlhase shed some light on migration and the advantages of making the switch. “If an enterprise leader spends millions of dollars for on-prem solutions and finds out they could have done it faster, cheaper, and without all the overhead. At this point, they have to ask themselves, what am I paying staff for?” he added. He also told me, he accredits a lack of cloud adoption to a fear of poor audio quality, or rather the perceived notion that VoIP calls are not as steady as fixed-lines.

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