In today’s competitive business ecosystem, it has become increasingly imperative for cloud-based communication service providers (CSPs) to provide customers, vendors and key stakeholders with seamless communication tools. Customers expect quick and quality service, while businesses rely on customer satisfaction to stay in operation. Not providing customers the tools to power quality brand interactions puts enterprises’ longevity and reputation at risk. Additionally, as more businesses develop international strategies, they need calling and messaging services that will support their growth and help them compete in the global market.

The increasing size of the global remote workforce has played a part in the need for international corporate strategies and therefore international communication capabilities. The shift toward more employees working remotely, instead of working from a traditional brick and mortar office, is a worldwide movement. Customer bases are also diversifying and expanding across countries. With 96 percent of the world’s consumers living outside of the U.S., businesses must invest in technologies that enable international customers to seamlessly communicate with the brand. Cloud-based CSPs offering international local and toll-free numbers help to make this a reality, while also giving end users control and flexibility over how and when they interact with a business.

In order to power global interactions and provide quality customer support to international customers, businesses must ensure their contact centers are equipped to handle inquiries and communicate via a reliable and secure network, regardless of the location. CSPs ability to ensure call centers are fully functional on a global level will help their enterprise partners retain customers, connect disparate employees and grow market share.

Cloud-based international numbers are the answer many businesses are looking for. One service available to businesses through VoIP and cloud-based PBX is direct inward dialing (DID), which allows a phone number to ring through directly to a specific phone at a business or contact center. Businesses and contact centers are utilizing DID services as an easier way for customers and partners to gain access to support representatives without being interrupted by an operator, placed on time-consuming holds or navigating a complicated calling tree. In turn, CSPs offering DIDs deliver a better user experience for customers.

On an international scale, DID numbers are also critical in helping businesses expand their global presence because these numbers are not restricted by geographical location and can be extended without incurring network expansions costs. Additionally, DIDs offer local numbers, regardless of whether a business is physically in the local community or not. This local caller ID format enables enterprises to support international customers and employees with a local presence without having to invest in setting up regional offices. Local presence enabled by cloud-based numbers also makes interactions for customers living in that region more convenient and economical because they can call at a local rate, which protects them from increased international costs. Local numbers are also often more trustworthy or attractive to end users. For example, if a contact center representative calls a customer, the customer is more likely to answer if the number is local, as opposed to a 1-800 number.

Furthermore, through deployment of DIDs, contact centers can establish routing protocols so that incoming calls from designated regions or countries are routed to the agent or groups of agents who are best equipped to address the caller’s needs. This helps ensure optimal service and customer satisfaction. Contact centers also benefit from DIDs because these cloud-based numbers provide real-time data about the caller, time duration, call status, etc., which can be used for analytics and reporting to better improve service.

Flowroute offers international DIDs in more than 160 countries – more than any other cloud-based carrier. Partnering with cloud CSPs and carriers can help businesses ensure their contact centers are properly equipped to provide more flexible, streamlined and improved customer service on an international scope. Enterprises that implement international DIDs can see increased profitability and ROI on their IT investments as they reach new customers and expand their presence to compete in the global market.

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