Verizon Pass-Through Fees Effective February 1, 2020

Posted on January 29, 2020

This is a notification of Pass-Through Fees associated with customers’ Messaging Services Agreement with Flowroute, now part of Intrado.

Starting Saturday, February 1, 2020, when you send long code messages to U.S. mobile numbers you may see higher rates for outbound messages. These represent the direct cost of the fees imposed by U.S. operators for all your usage to the United States.

Flowroute will begin passing through a Verizon A2P Fee for 10 Digit Long Code (10-DLC) on outbound (MT) SMS messages. The original notice of this fee was sent in 2019 to give you time to anticipate this change.

There is also a new A2P MMS fee when sending messages toward Verizon.

This will act as notice of the additional fee for outbound (MT) 10-DLC MMS messages and the fees will show up on your bill effective with the terms of your contract with Flowroute.

10-DLC A2P Verizon Fees for MT SMS and MMS messages:

Carrier MT Messages USD
Verizon Wireless SMS $0.0025
MMS $0.0050


You will notice additional line items on your invoices with the fees itemized for the traffic sent.

This change is due to the major U.S. wireless operators being subjected to significantly higher costs for long code SMS traffic when U.S. operators announced additional fees for traffic to their networks beginning in 2019. These higher costs apply to messages sent from the Flowroute network to U.S. long code numbers, regardless of the use case.

If you have any questions concerning this change, please email: