APIs Can Help Bring Omni-Channel to ‘the Edge’

Posted on March 17, 2020 by Moshe Beauford

By Moshe Beauford, UC Today

This article is condensed and originally appeared in UC Today.

According to experts, ‘the Edge’ is where business comms should be.

Allowing customers to directly call or text a business when searching the web, reading an email, and letting potential customers connect with your enterprise via third-party apps, should all be possible. If a company wants to achieve this kind of engagement, it can do so by investing in a cloud communications system to enables such transactions between organizations and stakeholders like customers.

The problem is, customer communications strategies are often disjointed across customer touchpoints, be it in person, online, in an app, or over the phone interactions, Sergei Zadoyan, Business Developer at Message Hopper, told me. He believes since business comms strategies operate separately they can complicate the process of real-time data gathering from apps.

“Also, many current customer communication systems do not offer context around the interactions customers have with the business,” he told me. For him, this is what he calls ‘lack of information sharing,’ which he added, eventually creates poor customer experiences. For brands, he contends, it hinders the company’s ability to directly access someone at the point of service.

Furthermore, having some context or background on customers’ previous interactions with the business provides service representatives with better visibility into the customer journey and their overall experience. This removes the need to be redundant, repeating information over and over again.

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