Elastic Omni-Channel – Scalable communications strategies are the answer in changing times

Posted on June 9, 2020

This article is condensed and originally appeared in UC Today.

The shift in the way the world does business has led to huge demand for delivery and drive-up services, providing last-mile solutions for consumers staying close to home. Businesses providing these services have had to scale up fast to meet demand, as Darach Beirne, vice president of customer success at Flowroute, now part of Intrado, explained:

“We are seeing current and prospective customers seeking more network capacity that will allow them to scale services up or down to meet their needs on demand. As a software-centric carrier, Flowroute offers unlimited capacity, which enables this sort of scalability and provides users with flexibility and control over their telecom resources.”

Move fast and stay elastic

Agility is key, and provides leverage for more nimble providers to react fast to a changing world, and compete with bigger players for customer loyalty — provided their communications solution provider is sufficiently responsive to move with them, as Beirne continued.

“An elastic service is one that is flexible to an individual business’ or customer’s needs. Flowroute does not have minimum usage requirements for our customers. Therefore, customers can scale rapidly without investing in additional hardware.”

“An elastic service is also tailored to the business and can meet its IT and telecom needs as they evolve through market changes, internal shifts and technological advances…”

“Further, elastic services are not bound by location. With businesses relying on remote workers, the need for a reliable and expansive network is critical to business success.”

Ongoing stretchiness will surely be required as the world returns to work and commercial activity in an unpredictable future, and lessons are learned from the events of this period.

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