Four VoIP Solutions for Channel Providers

Posted on October 5, 2020

With a plethora of IT and enterprise collaboration options available, it can be challenging to know what tools will help you enhance your communications offerings. As you continue to explore tools that can help your enterprise customers scale their recent cloud investments, it is important to gain an understanding of some of the essential VoIP telecom solutions that can differentiate your services and set customers up for success.

These cloud-based communications tools make it easier than ever for enterprises to increase capacity or dial down services based on current demand. VoIP solutions also deliver more power to grow telecom offerings by providing digital communication solutions that replace traditional PRI-based telephony. These tools are also reliable and flexible, enabling the ability to launch new or enhanced capabilities, without complexity.

In our current economic landscape, companies cannot afford downtime in their operations, especially downtime caused by having to adjust technology integrations to scale their remote workforce. Any interruption to service could potentially cause businesses irreparable damage to their reputations and their bottom lines. Lost revenue could total anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars or more. As a channel provider, you can help enterprise customers expand their cloud telephony portfolios to sidestep these potential challenges.

Below are some of the common VoIP services that channel providers should consider adding to their product suite. Adding any one of these offerings will help customers continue to grow their business and differentiate themselves among competitors.

  • Hosted PBX. When offering VoIP, providers can help customers decide whether to deploy a hosted PBX or on-premises PBX. Hosted PBX systems enable seamless growth for enterprise customers, allowing them to add phone lines, extensions and even devices without incurring hardware costs. Channel providers offering hosted phone systems can help their customers secure more reliable call quality and reduce expenses in the form of repairs and downtime.
  • SIP Trunking. SIP takes place at the application layer and connects a phone to the PSTN. SIP is a powerful communications protocol and helps connect to a hosted PBX system. Providers offering SIP will help customers make the most of VoIP to enrich their customers’ communications experiences. SIP also offers the ability to scale and grow globally with ease. Lastly, SIP creates a strong local presence for the business, delivers cost savings on a recurring basis and offers consolidated, end to end unified communications systems.
  • Telecom APIs make it possible for developers and enterprises alike to integrate high-quality communications experiences into existing technologies. Using this breed of telecom resources, channel providers can help their customers tailor services based on their industry or customer needs. For example, a customer in the finance sector can integrate text alerts to communication account updates, where a private dentist office can leverage messaging to schedule or confirm appointments. Telecom APIs extend beyond the customer-facing benefits and help the provider get the customer set up with the right phone numbers and behind the scenes support.
  • T-38 is a secure protocol that enables faxes to be sent over a computer data network (yes, companies still send faxes). Sending faxes isn’t always the most straightforward, so channel providers can step in to ensure the process is simple and can be successfully transmitted over the customer’s VoIP network. Though T-38 can have issues when set up incorrectly, if configured properly it makes the process seamless and secure.

Flowroute has been helping companies optimize call quality and reliability. We provide digital communications solutions and a fully scalable, carrier-grade network, as well as a robust set of telecom APIs. We enable MSPs to move customers’ telecommunications services into the cloud and build and deploy complex communications systems on their behalf.

Our digital telephony services guarantee channel availability while giving you the power to centrally manage routes, phone numbers and fraud protections in real-time. Integration is simple, you can route calls over Flowroute in minutes. Our channel partners enjoy discount pricing, award-winning customer support and convenient, expansive library of APIs as well as a simple self-serve portal for easy provisioning.

Flowroute is also known for its reliability, thanks in large part to our patented HyperNetworkTM, which improves the dependability of inbound calls with the ability to route around outages and degradation. This allows us to help you mitigate outage time by quickly detecting network impairments and re-routing the traffic around the impairments to successfully complete inbound calls. We also provide award-winning support that gives you direct access to our industry-recognized team of support engineers.

If you’re looking to expand your suite of cloud tools, but you aren’t sure what you need or how to get started, our team is ready to help.