Why Businesses Need Reliable Voice Calling Solutions

Posted on July 12, 2021 by Darach Beirne

This article is condensed and originally appeared on the BetaNews.com Website.

Historically, voice calling has been the default method for businesses to interact with their employees and customers. Although more modern communication mediums have entered the market and even evolved, traditional calling remains a valued resource for business collaboration and success. The growth of the distributed workforce has also driven a need for alternate ways for companies to connect, and voice calling, powered by VoIP, has become an even more critical communications lifeline.

During the past year, companies turned to collaboration tools for video conferencing and workflow support. However, voice calling is still a non-negotiable in a communications toolkit, with the VoIP market projected to surpass $95 billion by 2027. As companies determine which telecom and collaboration tools best meet the needs of their employees and customers, it will be important for IT decision makers to partner with a communications provider that offers reliable voice communications no matter what the future brings.

Below is a checklist of the capabilities and benefits that decision makers should look for when evaluating cloud-based voice offerings.

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