Disaster Recovery Assurance with Flowroute’s HyperNetwork™

Posted on August 9, 2021

Reliable networks help guarantee that calls and messages reach their destination. Today, more than ever, businesses need a secure and reliable network infrastructure to carry out critical services and support everyday communications.  

For example, business operations like acquiring and retaining customers, maintaining critical records, and tracking revenue depend on a stable connection. During network failures, all aspects of a business related to internal and external communications can be vulnerable. 

Network failures can be unpredictable, but it’s helpful to understand and prepare for common events that can cause outages and disrupt network connection: 

  • Network congestion or overload that causes a system to crash. 
  • Natural disasters, resulting in widespread power outages. 
  • Server hardware failures that disrupt network connection. 
  • Cybersecurity attacks that impact system security and the ability to resume work safely. 
  • Human errors like configuration issues, which can lead to incorrect call paths or stop calling ability altogether. 
  • Minor accidents, like a broken cable, that can cut off power sources or network lines. 

During such events of network downtime, companies are unable to take new calls or protect customer data from cybersecurity breaches. Long periods of network downtime can cause significant cost-associated and reputational damage.  

Flowroute HyperNetwork™   

Flowroute’s HyperNetwork is 100% cloud-based, meshing multiple networks into a single telecom network to provide users with greater quality, reliability, and scalability. Using the HyperNetwork, Flowroute’s customer support engineers can return connectivity efficiently to minimize interruptions to a company’s operations. In addition, the company uses its carrier status to determine if there is a network outage in the primary carrier.  

In the event of an outage, cloud-centric network models are flexible and can reroute voice traffic away from degradation and reconnect it to a functioning call path. Businesses that leverage the cloud can unlock a network that is ready to deploy services on demand— a substantial competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business environment.  

When there is an outage, the Flowroute team can change the local routing number and manually flip to another carrier, bypassing the outage and restoring connectivity within an average of under 15 minutes. This process avoids third-party troubleshooting and delays usually associated with purely legacy infrastructure models.  

The HyperNetwork’s cloud-centric model is also optimized to serve demand immediately. A recent example of this involves a Flowroute customer on after-hours duty for a hospital support group of doctors. The customer contacted Flowroute late on a Friday upon realizing the hospital could not receive inbound calls. Still, the customer support team solved the issue and brought the line back within minutes. In turn, the quick turnaround helped to minimize missed calls to the hospital support group that may have been urgent or life-threatening.  

By tapping into the network intelligence of a cloud-based system, Flowroute’s HyperNetwork circumvents days-long network outages to ensure that businesses can stay connected to their customers. Moreover, they can rest assured that their network can handle any unexpected disruption that might occur.