Introducing the Early Release Launch of Flowroute Teams Connector For Microsoft Teams

Posted on August 31, 2021

Microsoft Teams (Teams) continues to grow in popularity, with approximately 145 million daily active users. Since its inception, the platform has provided businesses with tools to effectively collaborate with employees, partners, and customers, regardless of their location. As the demand for Teams increases, Microsoft has made improvements to the platform to ensure the capabilities it provides meet the needs of modern teams. One such update is the availability of add-on capabilities to bring PSTN calling to Teams. These updates allow businesses to “Bring Your Own Carrier” (BYOC) to power PSTN calling.

Flowroute, a division of Intrado, is now launching the early release version of its “AnySIP/AnyPBX” offering called Teams Connector. Flowroute’s offering Team Connecter provides PSTN connectivity to Teams users who are interested in deploying the BYOC method. The new solution gives users the flexibility and business continuity that today’s marketplace demands, all while allowing customers to manage costs with Flowroute’s unique pay-as-you-go pricing.

Teams Connector Means Connectivity and Flexibility

In the past, Teams customers could only use Microsoft’s approved carrier partners and Microsoft applications such as Call Center and IVR Auto Attendant.

Flowroute’s Teams Connector feature allows Teams customers to use their own Teams license while also using any SIP-registered PBX for Flowroute’s APIs and portal solutions for voice and messaging.

The Benefits

Flowroute’s Teams Connector is in early release but offers various benefits to customers and Teams users. To start, the solution will immediately improve the user experience. It is a self-service, real-time solution that enhances user control when making calls via Teams. Below are several other benefits customers will receive when deploying Teams Connector in their Teams applications.

  • Expanded Options and More Control: Teams Connector allows users to plug in applications over the top of their cloud carrier of choice (i.e., Flowroute or Intrado) in Teams. This BYOC approach gives businesses options when selecting the carrier that will power calling on Teams. Companies can stay with existing carriers while still taking advantage of Teams’ collaboration tools. The flexibility to choose eliminates the need for IT teams to manage complex network infrastructure. They can be as hands-on or hands-off as they please. More hands-on customers will have direct control and visibility over their telephony tools as their organizations scale.
  • Cost Savings: Flowroute’s “pay-as-you-go” model also applies to its Teams Connector offering. This approach allows businesses to save the costs of service subscriptions or purchases because they only pay for what they use. No other carrier offers true pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • More Diversity of Tools: BYOC lets you diversify your current operation. By using Flowroute’s Teams Connector offering, Teams customers have access to an array of new capabilities that are not always available on Microsoft’s other calling options. These capabilities include access to existing phone numbers, greater geographical reach, and the ability to continue working with Flowroute’s customer success team.
  • Easier Transitions and Flexibility: Flowroute’s solution provides additional flexibility as businesses continue their transition to the cloud. Teams Connector allows IT teams to manage the changeover from legacy systems to the cloud platform or scale back if customer demands and user needs change.
  • Better Business Continuity: Flowroute customers and Teams users have enhanced resilience through Flowroute’s reliable and patented HyperNetwork™. With Flowroute’s HyperNetwork supporting Teams calling, customers in the U.S. get built-in business continuity.
  • Award-Winning Support. Thanks to its self-service focus with white-glove treatment when you need it, Flowroute’s offering stands apart from other communication service providers. It delivers the flexibility to work with a range of Microsoft-registered hosted PBXs, and the ability to turn to Flowroute when support is needed. As a result, Flowroute has been recognized as the number one SIP trunk provider in customer satisfaction by Eastern Management Group for the past three out of four years. Flowroute’s Teams Connector solution provides quality support and flexibility that improves customer service by giving customers more options to contact and communicate with their employees and customers.

We’re excited to share more updates throughout the early release launch of Teams Connector To take advantage of the beta offering, contact us through our website form.