Enterprise Connect 2021 Recap

Posted on October 11, 2021

Enterprise Connect (EC) is an enterprise communication and collaboration event. Each year, the show brings corporate IT decision makers together with the industry’s vendors, channel partners, analysts, and consultants to focus on the issues central to corporate communications and collaboration. This year’s event took place online; it was the first time the conference was 100% virtual and free to anyone who wanted to join.

EC’s expert-led conference program discussed the latest systems, software, services, and applications for enterprise communications and collaboration. Core topics at this year’s event included contact center and customer experience, video/AV collaboration, collaboration platforms, practical AI, embedded communications and APIs, UC and UCaaS, workplace strategies, management, networks, and security.

Flowroute was an active EC 2021 participant. At the virtual event, the company led a discussion group titled “Flowroute: Reliable, Scalable & Easy-to-Use: Q&A Session,” which covered the basics of Flowroute’s hosted telecom solutions and capabilities. Darach Beirne, Frank Bruner, Mehul Maru, Alysia Rogers and Evan Griffiths officiated this roundtable discussion, and discussed on how Flowroute supports enterprise-grade cloud communications services.

Flowroute’s Evan Griffiths also gave a theater presentation titled, “How Partnering with a Software-Centric Carrier Returns Value to Your Telephony Stack.” During this presentation, Evan discussed how a company’s phone stack needs to evolve and can no longer afford to rely on technology from the early 2000s. His presentation highlighted some of the common IT issues organizations face when trying to modernize their communications systems and how partnering with Flowroute gives businesses a competitive edge in a legacy industry.

Finally, Flowroute’s Darach Beirne led an online discussion about scalable, reliable self-service cloud communications. Darach detailed how the solutions outlined above, such as Flowroute’s HyperNetwork™, deliver on in-demand telephony tools.

Flowroute’s parent company, Intrado, also participated in sessions at EC 2021. The first, “Introducing the Safety Suite: E911 and Beyond for Channel Partners,” explored the idea that safety in the workplace goes beyond following state and federal E911 mandates. The session helped educate UC, integration and channel decision makers on regulatory compliance and the safety challenges faced by organizations of all types. The discussion also provided an overview of the Intrado Safety Suite, which includes solutions that empower customers to be better prepared for any type of incident – whether working virtually or in the office.

Intrado also spoke in a session titled, “Unlock the Full Value of your Microsoft Voice Investment.” In this presentation, Marcus and Andy shared best practices to optimize Microsoft Teams (Teams) licensing and get the most value from a Teams deployment. They also highlighted common pitfalls to avoid when replacing or augmenting a company’s PBX with Teams.

For more than 30 years, Enterprise Connect has been the leading communications and collaboration event. Today, many organizations are reevaluating their collaboration investments, as well as long-term remote and hybrid work. IT decision-makers and business leaders attended EC 2021 to gain insight into how to best strengthen their unified communications and collaboration strategies and investments for today’s modern workplace.

If you missed EC 2021 and want to learn more about how Flowroute can support your unique business communication needs, reach out to our team.