Flowroute Offers Microsoft Teams Calling Capabilities with Teams Connector Solution

Posted on January 12, 2022

In spring 2021, Flowroute, a division of Intrado, announced the early release of its Bring-Your-Own-Carrier (BYOC) calling solution for Microsoft Teams (Teams). Originally named AnySIP/AnyPBX, the product “Teams Connector” is now available for use and delivers PSTN connectivity to Teams. Flowroute designed the BYOC solution following Microsoft’s announcement, allowing customers to choose any provider, rather than carriers that are only approved by Microsoft, to power calling on the app.  

With Teams Connector, customers gain the flexibility and business continuity that today’s marketplace demands, all while allowing Teams users to reduce costs with Flowroute’s “pay-as-you-go” pricing model. The solution can be deployed as a hybrid connector solution (with PSTN and hosted or on-premise PBX), a PSTN SIP DID Trunk, or any combination of hybrid and PSTN. These options offer customers greater flexibility and geographical reach.

How it Works: Flowroute’s Teams Connector allows customers to use their own (Office 365) Teams licenses to assign a Flowroute PSTN SIP DID Trunk to the customer’s Microsoft Teams client for inbound/outbound calling.

 Teams Connector Benefits

  • Improved customer experience: Teams Connector offers a hybrid solution allowing for easier management of phone numbers and registered devices. Without Flowroute’s BYOC solution, Teams customers are expected to pay for two DID numbers: one to call Teams and the other to reach the PBX. With Teams Connector, customers only pay for one direct inward dialing (DID) number that will ring the Teams client or registered end device for inbound and outbound calling. This solution streamlines deployment and usage of calling on Teams, allowing the registered number to reach multiple devices without paying for additional numbers or hardware.
  • Cost Savings: With Flowroute’s “pay-as-you-go” model customers only pay for what they use, allowing businesses to save service subscriptions and purchase costs. Flowroute does not bundle services or minutes. This cost structure and the savings benefits apply to the Teams Connect solution. The Flowroute portal and the Teams Connector portal are all self-service, resulting in immediate cost savings by eliminating add, moves and change charges. Customers realize instant savings over the bundled offerings.
  • Greater Flexibility, Smoother Transitions and Enhanced Controls: As a cloud-based carrier, Flowroute’s Teams Connector solution offers increased flexibility through the ability to run applications over software. Customers who desire a more hands-on management experience will have direct control and visibility over telephony tools as they scale their organizations. This means they can easily add numbers to their registered devices as demand grows. With Teams Connector, customers have the option to run a hybrid platform (on premise and cloud), which eliminates the need for IT teams to manage complex network infrastructure and allows them to transition from legacy systems to a cloud platform with ease. Teams Connector is designed, implemented, and tested prior to migrating to a cloud environment. This eliminates the need for reliance on a third-party hosted provider to manage the environment or charge for set up and other changes to the application.  
  • More Diversity of Tools: As a BYOC solution, Teams Connector allows customers to diversify their current operations and calling solutions. Customers have access to an array of new capabilities that are not always available with Microsoft’s other calling options. These capabilities include access to existing phone numbers, greater geographical reach, and the ability to continue working with Flowroute’s award-winning customer success team.
  • Better Business Continuity: Flowroute customers and Teams users in the U.S. will recognize enhanced resilience and redundancy through Flowroute’s reliable and patented HyperNetwork™. Customers will have built-in business continuity with their Teams calling and the ability to mitigate downtime because of a network outage.  Learn more about our HyperNetwork.  
  • Award-Winning Support. Thanks to its self-service focus with timely white-glove service, Flowroute stands apart from other communication service providers. We deliver the flexibility to work with a range of Microsoft-registered hosted and on-premise PBXs and have been awarded the number one SIP Trunk provider in customer satisfaction by Eastern Management Group for the past three years.

Teams Connector offers a combination of reliable service and quality support as customers gain more affordable and flexible pathways to communicate with their employees, customers, partners, and vendors.


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