Bolster Your Global Presence with Flowroute’s International Numbers

Posted on February 23, 2022

Our world is becoming increasingly more interconnected. Globalization and the delicate business ecosystem we live in have felt significantly magnified during the pandemic. Recent years have demonstrated how important it is for enterprises to look beyond their own local markets and embrace a global perspective. 

In addition, on the customer front, consumers’ communication preferences are continually evolving. They want personalized service and easy ways to interact with companies, anytime, anywhere. So, while modern businesses strive to offer the service and flexibility of a global brand, their customers still appreciate receiving localized services. This introduces a tricky balancing act for businesses. They often have to embrace dual roles – an agile, always-connected company that can pivot to external global trends and an accessible brand that is in touch with the local needs of their customers in a specific region or community.  

A feasible way for an organization to embrace both roles is through cloud-based international numbers. VoIP and cloud-based PBX systems can use international direct inward dialing (DID) numbers to allow a local phone number to ring directly to a phone at a business or contact center in a different geographic location. Therefore, international cloud-based numbers enable a global company to have the perception of a local presence by having a local phone number their customers can call. 

There are several ways that international local and international toll-free numbers enhance a company’s global expansion plans, such as avoiding international fees and improving the customer experience and customer service.

Avoid international fees

International cloud DIDs help businesses and customers save money. These numbers are not restricted by geographical location, and a company can scale resources up or down without incurring network expansions costs.

Cloud-based international DIDs offer localized numbers, regardless of whether a business is physically in the region. This local caller ID format enables enterprises to support global customers and employees with a local presence without investing in setting up regional offices. The local presence makes interactions for customers living in that region more convenient and economical. Using local numbers protects customers from increased international costs.

Improve customer experience 

Providing a local phone number improves customer experience and satisfaction. For example, if a global business has acquired international local numbers, they have made it convenient and easy for customers to reach out for support. Customers are also more likely to use that local number because they don’t have to stress about incurring international fees. 

This localized presence and flexibility improve customers’ experience interacting with the business even if they are thousands of miles away.

Improve customer service 

Cloud-based international numbers elevate customer support. Businesses can utilize DIDs to enable customers and partners to access support agents more easily. 

When using international cloud-based DIDs capabilities, a company can better manage its global telephony infrastructure and have a unified approach to providing services in different countries, instead of having different one-off vendors in each country. A company could even have one contact center and then have all telephony provided by localized numbers in other locations in the world funneled to that same center.

Flowroute offers extensive coverage in more than 160 countries. Our international cloud-based numbers help our customers scale to meet the demands of their own customers, regardless of where they operate. Our cloud-based international local and toll-free inbound numbers allow our customers to select the right phone numbers for their operations and expansion needs. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, establishing a local presence provides customers with unique familiarity. Let us support your ever-expanding international business needs. Find out more here.