Articles The Benefits of an SMS API to Send and Receive Busine... December 6, 2022

Businesses today are looking to text messaging as a more effective way to communicate with their users and customers. A recent survey found that more than 90% of consumers want…

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Articles How to Use APIs to Create Customized Business Solutio... November 8, 2022

Organizations of all types and sizes depend on APIs or application program interfaces to access collaborative tools, such as cloud software. Surveys show that nearly 70% of organizations have adopted…

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Articles Programmable SMS API – Everything You Need to K... November 8, 2022

Text messages are a fast and efficient way for businesses to get in touch with their users. With an open rate of 98% and response rates reaching 45%, SMS communication…

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Articles A Guide for Voice API for Developers October 15, 2022

Integration of telephony services into computer programs is taking off. Research firm 360 Research Reports released a forecast for the industry that predicts a growth rate of 18% per year…

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Articles Are There Any Good Free SMS APIs? September 28, 2022

Text messaging is an ideal way to reach customers with marketing campaigns, making it a desirable option for organizations of every size. On average, text messages are opened and read…

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Tips & Resources Programmable Voice 101 – Learn Everything You N... September 21, 2022

While consumers communicate with businesses using a range of channels,  studies show consumers still prefer calling a business and speaking to a live representative. However, consumers are reluctant to answer…

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Tips & Resources Essential Considerations When Migrating To a Cloud-Ba... September 21, 2022

Migrating your organization’s communications to the cloud can be a complex process. Cloud-based communications offer numerous benefits to a company and its users, including scalability, efficiency, and flexibility. Cloud adoption…

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Tips & Resources Build vs. Buy: Essential Considerations When Choosing... September 19, 2022

If you are a CIO or developer, you have two options when your company or client asks you to investigate integrating text messaging into its app. Will you buy an…

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Articles Cloud Communication Migration Pitfalls to Avoid September 6, 2022

Organizations are finding value in migrating to the cloud for improved efficiency and flexibility. Deloitte found that leaders in the IT space planned to move 41% of their workload to…

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Articles How to choose the developer SMS API: A guide for deve... September 5, 2022

With an open rate of 82%, SMS remains one of the best ways to communicate with customers. Building this functionality into your company’s app or platform without help is no…

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Articles How To Compare SMS API Pricing for Value and Savings August 15, 2022

Consumers and businesses want to be able to communicate quickly and easily. Studies show that 93% of consumers prefer to send and receive text messages with local businesses. For many…

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Articles What Is a Programmable Voice API? August 5, 2022

A programmable voice API can be quickly integrated into your company’s software and allows the company to bring its own devices or carrier. It grants users access to a carrier-grade…

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