Flowroute Cloud Communications Blog - Part 13
Articles SIP trunking threatened by loss of Net Neutrality September 10, 2014

The breakdown of Net Neutrality could stifle innovation in America by raising the price of entry for Internet-based businesses. But, because so many businesses have adopted SIP trunking, and VoIP…

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Articles Call Detail Records: Manage phone systems in real-tim... August 22, 2014

Data rules the world. Numbers factor heavily in every major (and minor) business decision. As more and more of what we do shifts onto the digital plane, numbers are increasingly…

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Articles SIP trunking webinar: Weapon of mass connection August 14, 2014

The foundation of converged communications is flexible IP connectivity between all endpoints. Most organizations aren’t ready, and one important weakness is a reliance on dated telephony carrier technology. Find out…

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Inside Flowroute Announcing: Free Number Porting until 8/31 August 6, 2014

Starting Today: Move your phone numbers to Flowroute for free until Aug. 31, 2014.

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Articles Telecommuting: The secret to lower costs and loyal em... August 5, 2014

Forbes says, “Telecommuting Is The Future of Work.” And they’re right. In the past two years the popularity of telecommuting has risen by 20%. Nearly a quarter of American workers…

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Articles SIP without standards: a communications nightmare July 31, 2014

The SIP in SIP trunking stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and it’s used to create and control real-time media communications sessions like phone calls, IMs, and video chats. It’s a…

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Articles VoIP origination and termination demystified July 24, 2014

It used to be easy to figure out phone service. You got a phone number from AT&T, and then you could make and receive calls. But making and receiving calls…

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Tips & Resources SIP is as secure as you make it July 23, 2014

I am going to say one thing about the negative perceptions surrounding security of SIP trunking: Security is in your hands.

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Tips & Resources Greenwire IT: Which phone service do phone guys use? July 15, 2014

If you’re looking for phone service, who do you ask for recommendations? People who set up phone systems. So that’s exactly what we did.

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Tips & Resources Announcing: Automated Number Porting July 11, 2014

The process of bringing your numbers over to Flowroute should be easy. But it could get cumbersome, and behind the scenes, there are a lot of steps that can hold…

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