Flowroute Cloud Communications Blog - Part 24
Articles Don’t throw your OBi out with the end of Google... February 20, 2014

Google Voice has done a good deal to legitimize VoIP in a lot of people’s minds, primarily by connecting a VoIP number to one of your existing numbers and by…

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Articles Limited time LNP discount February 13, 2014

Until April 30, 2014, Flowroute is able to offer number portability for only $4 per port. That’s a savings of almost 50%.

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Articles Signaling and media: How SIP makes phone calls happen February 12, 2014

If you hang out around the Internet doing research on phones long enough, you’re going to hear the terms “signaling” and “media”. It’s pretty obvious what each term means, but…

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Tips & Resources Secrets of the SIP trunking SLA February 7, 2014

In telecom, as with most other service based industries, when you work with a vendor you enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The purpose of the SLA is to…

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Articles How to innovate with your POTS connection January 29, 2014

Everything’s a mess. The world of communications technology is at a tangled crossroads that seemingly forks off in every direction, even (and sometimes especially) backwards. Just trying to decide how…

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Articles Unmasking Caller-ID January 27, 2014

Caller-ID can be a contentious topic. In regular daily use, it’s no big deal. But the FCC’s Truth in Caller-ID Act of 2009 (TiCA) addresses key privacy and openness issues…

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Articles Use SIP to manage your marketing campaigns January 17, 2014

Have you ever been frustrated like this? You want to know if the nearest location of your favorite coffee/donut shop is open for the next hour, so you search the…

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Tips & Resources Yealink VP530 Hardware Review January 9, 2014

The Yealink VP530 is the latest addition to Yealink’s line of what they’re calling, “executive-level IP Video Phones”. Obviously targeting executives and upper management, the online phone description touts ease…

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Articles Unified Communications: Why everybody’s doing i... January 7, 2014

When Unified Communications came on the scene a few years back, everyone expected the technology to spread faster than rumors after an office Holiday party. These days most of the…

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Articles Is your IVR responsive enough? January 2, 2014

In a recent post about all the things you need to know about your VoIP system before it’s your VoIP system, I talked about the importance of getting your IVR…

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