Flowroute Announces Exclusive Multi-Accounts Opt-in Release

Posted on March 30, 2020

Flowroute has launched an exciting new product enhancement designed to improve your experience and simplify your operations. The Exclusive Multi-Accounts Opt-in Release feature allows users to connect accounts so you can easily switch between multiple accounts without individually logging out and into each account.

We’ll take a deeper look at the Multi-Accounts feature in this article and point you to more resources about how to get access to Multi-Accounts.

Introduction to Multi-Accounts

Multi-Accounts customers can use Flowroute services to support multiple end customers, or clients of their own. Multi-Accounts can also be used for platforms within an organization or business units/teams within a company. Each of these scenarios are appropriate for Multi-Accounts. Multi-Accounts are designed to give you an easier way to manage your business at a more granular level.

What kinds of companies should use Multi-Accounts?

Here are some scenarios where Multi-Accounts are useful:

  • Enterprise companies with a staging/test account and a production account that want to have individuals responsible for specific services such as routes or billing.
  • Resellers who want to separate each of their customers into a separate account for billing, fraud, and authentication uses.
  • Startup companies that want to have a development, staging, and production account in order to separate settings and billing.
  • Companies with service in multiple countries that need to have one account per country where they’re offering service because different taxes will apply in each country. (Flowroute use the customer’s business account address to query/apply/report taxes according to regulations in each country).
  • Larger enterprises with multiple campuses in different states to correctly apply local taxes that may differ by state.
  • Enterprise customers requiring cost-accounting for their different departments when it comes to communication spent (separating the costs by department, location, etc. via sub accounts).
  • Wholesalers who require different rates for their individual users/customers.
  • Channel Partner/Agents where Flowroute bills their customer and has a revenue sharing agreement or commission agreement in place.
  • Customers that want to give their employees, partners, or users access to the Flowroute portal with different access rights.

How many users and accounts can you have?

The Exclusive Multi-Accounts Opt-in Release on March 30, 2020 will include important functionality such as linking existing accounts, creating and editing accounts and adding multiple accounts and multiple users. More functionality will be added in the upcoming months.

The following global account limits will be included in Multi-Accounts:

  • Individual: No multiple accounts or users
  • Business: Multiple accounts- 2, Users- 5
  • Reseller/ Carrier: Multiple accounts- 5, Users- 10
  • Wholesale: Multiple accounts- 10, Users- 10
  • Enterprise: Multiple accounts- 5, Users- 20

How do I request access to this new feature:

Log into your account, go to the Features section. Here you will see an option to request access. If you need help, please submit a ticket with Customer Success.

Explore more about Multi-Accounts here.