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Uninterrupted Communication: How Voice Resiliency Is ... September 18, 2023

Professional companies require business continuity to ensure long-term success. After a disaster, 40% of small businesses fail, and another quarter fail within one year, according to a report by Forbes….

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SMS API: How Can Your Business Benefit From Text Mess... September 6, 2023

Text messaging is a fast and convenient method of keeping in touch. Businesses of every size leverage messaging using an SMS API to communicate with customers and users effectively. A…

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Voice SIP: How Reliable Voice Calling Solutions Can I... September 1, 2023

For decades, voice calling has been the primary way businesses interact with their employees and customers. While modern businesses still rely on voice calling, the capabilities have evolved, making cloud-based…

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What Is a Programmable Voice API? August 22, 2023

A programmable voice API, an application program interface, enables two pieces of software to communicate. You can build voice applications and integrate calling into existing apps or systems, like customer…

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Optimize Your Communication Strategy: A Comprehensive... August 16, 2023

The average US consumer spends four hours a day on their mobile phone, and many leading brands are investing in SMS marketing as an easy, cost-effective way to engage their…

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What Are Mission-Critical Voice Applications for Busi... August 8, 2023

Voice-based applications offer calling solutions for businesses and their customers. Modern consumers want flexible communication options, including chat, email, messaging, and voice. However, voice service is still critical to businesses…

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Ensuring Uninterrupted Business Operations: The Vital... August 4, 2023

Emergencies can interrupt normal business practices, and being prepared can mean the difference between a company that thrives or fails during uncertainty. Businesses of every size should prepare for disaster…

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Top 9 Communication Software Features for Small Busin... July 20, 2023

With the prevalence of virtual and hybrid office arrangements, and digital natives moving into the workforce, modern consumers and small business employees prefer diverse communication channels. As consumers demand more…

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Is VoIP a Reliable Solution for Business Communicatio... July 13, 2023

VoIP can offer mobility, scalability, and reliability at a low cost if your business or client is switching from a traditional phone carrier. Minimal on-site infrastructure is required; the service…

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Top 6 Uses of a Communication API July 6, 2023

A 2023 Business.com survey quantified what business owners already know: a bad customer service experience can lose customers. The survey found that, following a bad service experience, 8 out of…

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6 Things to Know About Business Voice Resiliency in 2... June 19, 2023

With so many business communications options, voice is still relevant, even essential, for many organizations. Voice technology has evolved to digital via the Internet, posing unique challenges to business continuity…

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What Is Remote Call Forwarding? How It Works and Best... June 16, 2023

Consumers have numerous options to contact a company in the modern day. When customers call a business, they are looking for a fast response and resolution to their problem. In…

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