Enterprise Customers Recognize Flowroute as a Leading SIP Trunking Vendor

Posted on June 26, 2020

In a recent Eastern Management Group customer study, large enterprise customers were asked to evaluate SIP trunking providers. Flowroute, now part of Intrado, was recognized alongside three top-tier vendors including BT, Verizon and Twilio. Flowroute received high marks for “shepherding the purchase experience and recommend-to-a-friend measurements.”

Flowroute, along with the three other carrier-grade vendors, received the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) among the competing SIP providers evaluated in the study.

We are proud of our team for their commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering superior service. These two elements are critical to secure word-of-mouth recommendations. We are thrilled our customers would recommend our SIP solution to their friends – truly one of the highest forms of praise and testament to the quality provided.

The below text is condensed and originally appeared in No Jitter by John Malone, president and CEO of The Eastern Management Group.

“The concept of working-from-home is drawing attention to reliable, versatile SIP trunking. The artful term is aptly named carrier-grade SIP trunking, which I recently wrote about in this related No Jitter post, and it should go a long way when meeting your vendor flexibility requirements. Now is the time to revisit your company’s global network, its SIP trunking vendors, and their ability to adjust to your rapidly changing needs, then select which one fits the bill.

Lessons from the Enterprise

As they should be, enterprises are discriminating SIP trunk buyers. With at least 500 employees, they have standing IT departments, extensive communications expertise, complex networks, global customers, and demanding expectations of vendors. It matters little whether your company is small, mid-market, or enterprise level. There are lessons to draw from large customers, particularly when they will share SIP trunking experiences and opinions.

So, what makes these four vendors the most preferred? In a new Eastern Management Group customer study, all received the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS). More specifically, all large enterprise customers surveyed would recommend all four SIP providers to a friend.

Flowroute – Two-time satisfaction winner

Flowroute is part of Intrado, a provider of cloud-based communications. Based on our studies, large enterprises account for 35% of Flowroute’s SIP trunking customers. Overwhelmingly they are significant users of premises IP PBX systems. Flowroute provides a fully scalable, carrier-grade network and telecom APIs to enable customers to move their telecommunications services into the cloud, as well as build and deploy complex communications systems. Enterprise SIP trunking customers give high grades to Flowroute for shepherding the purchase experience and recommend-to-a-friend measurements.

Flowroute has previously won two Eastern Management Group SIP trunking customer satisfaction awards, including 2019.