Articles What Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and How Can ... March 1, 2023

With cybersecurity attacks on the rise, it’s important that any business with online functionality take steps to protect itself and its users from those with malicious intent. One of the…

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Articles MMS API: How Can You Use It for Your Business? March 1, 2023

As businesses seek to contact customers in the most dependable way, many are turning to SMS and MMS messaging. These forms of communication have significantly higher open rates than other…

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Articles What’s the True Cost of Adding Messaging to Your Ap... January 25, 2023

The rise of messaging apps has transformed the way that people communicate, both personally and professionally. In recent years, messaging apps have become the most popular type of mobile app,…

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Articles What Is a Phone Call API? January 25, 2023

While automated answering systems, live chat, and text messaging have gained the support of organizations in recent years, many customers still prefer calling and speaking with a live representative. A…

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Articles What is a Messaging API, and What Can it Do? January 25, 2023

A messaging API is a way for businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers through mobile messaging protocols such as SMS or MMS. This type of API allows companies…

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Tips & Resources Programmable SIP: What You Need to Know When Getting ... December 22, 2022

While live chat, text messaging, social media, and email are popular methods for users to engage with an organization, voice is still at the center of many companies’ communications strategies….

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Uncategorized Questions to Consider as You Look to Scale Your Progr... December 21, 2022

Organizations can benefit from the scalability of cloud-based voice communications as they look to grow their business. According to UC Today, nearly 20% of the companies surveyed adopted unified cloud-based…

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Articles Are Free SMS APIs Worth It? December 21, 2022

SMS messaging provides great value to businesses. And while free SMS APIs can be found, they come with several limitations that must be carefully considered. As with any free service,…

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Articles The Benefits of an SMS API to Send and Receive Busine... December 6, 2022

Businesses today are looking to text messaging as a more effective way to communicate with their users and customers. A recent survey found that more than 90% of consumers want…

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Articles How to Use APIs to Create Customized Business Solutio... November 8, 2022

Organizations of all types and sizes depend on APIs or application program interfaces to access collaborative tools, such as cloud software. Surveys show that nearly 70% of organizations have adopted…

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Articles Programmable SMS API – Everything You Need to K... November 8, 2022

Text messages are a fast and efficient way for businesses to get in touch with their users. With an open rate of 98% and response rates reaching 45%, SMS communication…

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Articles A Guide for Voice API for Developers October 15, 2022

Integration of telephony services into computer programs is taking off. Research firm 360 Research Reports released a forecast for the industry that predicts a growth rate of 18% per year…

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