The Flowroute Customer Success Team Difference

Posted on October 24, 2019

The Flowroute Customer Success Team, which is composed solely of Customer Support Engineers, works closely with customers to resolve any issues that may come up. The team’s ‘can do’ attitude, expertise and collaborative approach mean you have an extended team of experts ready to help. Team members will investigate, communicate and follow-through until the issue is resolved.

The team is organized based on a software support model rather than the traditional telecom company support model, and this makes a huge difference in the level and consistency of support Flowroute customers receive.

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Self-service set-up and porting

Flowroute has step-by-step instructions that make setting up an account or porting numbers a breeze. Flowroute, as the world’s first software-centric carrier, lets customers enhance and create new services without adding complexity.

One big advantage of being software-centric is that the Flowroute support team employs software concepts such as ‘agile’ and ‘self-directed’ to make sure that customers have the best possible experience. This means that Flowroute customers are fully empowered to do account set-up and self-serve the process from start to finish.

Most of the time no interaction with the Customer Success support team is required. However, if customers do need support, the 2019 #1 rated Flowroute Customer Success team is always ready to help.

Some common areas where support makes a difference

An area where the Flowroute support team makes a huge difference is related to the customer/PBX interaction with Flowroute. The Flowroute team can quickly troubleshoot and guide customers in the correct direction with these kinds of issues.

Often new customers may be completely new to the VoIP experience. When customers run into any snags, the Flowroute team can make the process as clear and easy as possible to understand. Sometimes these ‘quick fixes’ can provide customers tremendous value because of the time and frustration they can avoid by bringing the Flowroute support experts in to guide them with best practices and specific knowledge.

Other issues the team often helps with are related to ‘dead air’ or audio quality, and call dropping. These kinds of issues may be more complex and take a bit of sleuthing to resolve. The team will track down issues with downstream carriers and get back with customers to advise them on what they need to do to resolve the issue.

Even when it’s not an issue Flowroute is directly responsible for or can resolve directly, the team will mediate the issue with third parties and guide customers about what’s causing the issue, and convey what steps the customer can take to resolve it.

For example, a customer may be encountering a scenario where the audio is one-sided. The customers cannot hear the destination. One common step is to review ports used and investigate the full breakdown of the equipment being used. The more details the better when it comes to diagnosing the issue. When the result turns out to be a single checkbox in a NAT system, hidden under many screens, the team will stay with the customer until that checkbox is found. They may run into situations including: traffic issues with firewalls, ISPs, router or modem quality issues, etc.

The Flowroute team will also check back with customers to make sure they are still operating as expected and feel resolved with the support given. White-glove treatment is extended to any customer looking for assistance.

Whether it’s a call dropping analysis or a network device issue, the Flowroute Customer Success team will let customers know what they find. They will then offer guidance based on the experience of the entire team on how to resolve the issue.

The Flowroute Customer Success Support Engineer Team collaborates with each other and clients to essentially become the telecom extension of the customer’s team.

Below is a list of links to additional resources customers may find helpful for common issues from our Support Portal, which includes many more helpful articles.