Announcing: New Support Engineers

Posted on June 13, 2014 by

Flowroute is growing!

As more and more businesses, enterprises, and service providers continue to choose Flowroute, we’re growing our support team to make sure you experience the same high level of service our users expect. By expanding our team, we will eventually be able to extend live phone support beyond 13 hours a day Monday to Friday.

We’re very excited to introduce our newest support engineers:


Andy Preston – Support Engineer

Andy was born a student of Information Systems. He later survived years in the jungles of Brazil. He is a member of the Seattle bike owners association, fancies funny cat videos, and telephones (so he fits right in). His beard claims to be a level 12 paladin (though not professionally).


Craig Morton – Support Engineer

A man of international travel, Craig has worked in the shadow of Machu Picchu, and practiced underwater breathing around the Galapagos Islands. He brings 3 years of enterprise VoIP support experience, a broad history of hardware troubleshooting, and serious sea kayaking skills to the Flowroute team.


Doug Waller – Support Engineer

Doug is a coffee guru and business process artist. When he’s not pursuing self betterment, he’s breaking records for late-night cross-Seattle bike rides, climbing boulders for fun, and revisiting Icelandic coastline in his dreams. But his new dream is to spread cutting edge telecom technology to the masses.