Navigating Operations After Migrating to the Cloud

Posted on September 9, 2020 by Darach Beirne

This article is condensed and originally appeared in Integration Developer News.

Navigating the pandemic, enterprises are weighing pros and cons of a ‘distributed’ or ‘in-office’ workforce. Flowroute’s Darach Beirne shares with IDN three options for cloud-based communications to stay in touch with workers and customers​.

Many businesses are awakening to the benefits of cloud-based IT, communication and collaboration tools after transitioning to remote work settings earlier this year. However, navigating new cloud terrain is not without its challenges.

Today, many businesses face an uncertain future of in-office vs. distributed workforces. As a consequence, decision makers are contemplating how to maximize their new cloud investments for the long term. In particular, they’re questioning how they can leverage cloud-based tools for everyday use and to scale their services for future growth.

By following a few basic tips, decision makers can overcome potential pain points they might encounter as they navigate post-cloud adoption. They can also learn how to utilize cloud-based services to evolve their operations and communication efforts to ultimately gain more control over their own IT applications.

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