Podcast: Flowroute APIs help resellers offer unique experiences, cut costs

Posted on September 16, 2020

For the link to the podcast recording, please visit Cloud Communications Alliance as well as Telecom Reseller.

According to Flowroute Business Development Manager Evan Griffiths, APIs offer a path for both growth and savings. At a time when many companies are thinking about an environment occupied by so-called “cloud giants”, APIs offer resellers the ability to attack both sides of the balance sheet. Perhaps more importantly, Griffiths outlines a path to retaining a competitive qualitative edge by using APIs to empower “at-the-edge” communications, including contactless customer service. Griffiths discusses how APIs help create solutions that match the needs of the moment, but can also scale to match changing customer requirements, changing business conditions of both right sizing in some sectors, and growth in others.

We learn how along the way, we can offer customer experiences that can help the enterprise brand itself distinctively and enable the channel and reseller community to offer unique products that are not so easily matched by mass marketed cloud communications.

Link to the recording of the podcast available on Cloud Communications Alliance as well as Telecom Reseller.