Caller ID


Detecting Call Center Fraud with Advanced Signaling October 16, 2020

Call Center fraud can have drastic impacts on the business the call center supports, as well as the customers who engage with the call center and share their data. Additionally,…

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Is CNAM right for your business? August 4, 2020

Caller ID is a widely used phone system feature that identifies an incoming caller by a phone number. The feature provides a valuable piece of information and it’s often one…

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The Case for Not Unmasking Caller-ID July 26, 2020

Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed the Truth in Caller-ID Act (TiCA) of 2009, the agency continues to crack down on caller-ID “spoofing.” This is the practice of modifying…

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Caller ID Spoofing: The Good, the bad, the ugly November 28, 2017

Have you received calls lately from local numbers, and then you’ve answered it because you thought it was someone you know? You are not alone. Caller ID lets consumers avoid…

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