Reselling SIP trunking part 1: Where is the money? April 1, 2014

Provisioning telephone service is no longer reserved for megalithic copper-based boa constrictors – thanks to the Internet. Advancements in technology have removed infrastructure investment hurdles that used to keep the…

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How long until your landline is dead? March 18, 2014

If you pay attention to the market trends, the copper-based PSTN is on life support. While as recently as 2008, more than 75% of households were talking over the POTS…

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Why the network security of customers you don’t... August 2, 2013

Identity theft is a preventable crime, if we all work together. A couple of month’s ago I wrote a post about a ridiculously large

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Avoid fraud with proactive protection May 21, 2013

Recently, a friend emailed me this article about a real estate agent, who typically spends $300/month on her phones, that had been sent over $600,000 in bills from AT&T due to fraudulent activity on…

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