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Articles Telecom Fraud: Tips to Protect Communications November 23, 2021

Each November, we’re reminded of the global efforts to protect against telecom fraud during International Fraud Awareness Week. As a refresher, telecom fraud includes any activity designed to abuse and…

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Articles Detecting Call Center Fraud with Advanced Signaling October 16, 2020

Call Center fraud can have drastic impacts on the business the call center supports, as well as the customers who engage with the call center and share their data. Additionally,…

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Articles Hit Refresh on Telecom Fraud Prevention July 16, 2020

When workplaces across the country shut down and employees started working remotely during the pandemic, leaders faced an increase in cyber and physical threats to their business. One CNBC survey…

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Articles STIR/SHAKEN 101 February 5, 2020

It seems as though nearly every person with a phone has experienced an increase in robocalling in recent years. In 2019, 58.5 billion robocalls were placed nationwide, equaling approximately 178.3…

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Articles Fraud Prevention Features and Tips to Prevent, Mitiga... January 20, 2020

Our award-winning customer success team works with our partners and customers every day to prevent telecom fraud. We are also active members of key industry and regulatory organizations that are…

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Articles The Intrado Fraud Prevention and Detection Team January 9, 2020

Intrado has a world class Fraud Prevention and Detection Team that supports all of the lines of business, including Flowroute. This team operates 24/7/365, is distributed across the world, and…

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Articles SIP Trunking Fraud Checklist July 28, 2017

Here at Flowroute, we believe that you can never place too much of an emphasis on fraud prevention. Even for experts, an annual check in to ensure your fraud controls…

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Tips & Resources Carrier-level Toll-fraud Security May 29, 2015

Trying to protect your business from toll-fraud by yourself is a futile exercise. You can follow admin best practices with passwords and network security, but if your carrier isn’t fighting…

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Tips & Resources C-level SIP trunking benefits February 3, 2015

SIP trunking is more than cost-cutting communications technology, it is a strategic business tool bearing significant organizational benefits, including enhanced productivity, improved unification/interop, and customizable fraud control. A poll conducted…

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Articles VoIP Security: What the New York Times got wrong October 24, 2014

This week one of our customers called in to cancel his account because he’d just read the New York Times article, “Phone Hackers Dial and Redial to Steal Billions” outlining…

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Tips & Resources Building firewalls that work with SIP trunking October 22, 2014

Bad people want access to your VoIP account. And if they get it, they can crank your phone bill up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars range in no…

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Tips & Resources 5 Essential VoIP Account Fraud Controls May 21, 2014

Not all pirates sail the seas. In fact, most surf the web, looking for network vulnerabilities that grant them access to information or VoIP credentials they can use or sell…

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